Whole Hemp Seeds, Organic


The whole hemp seed is naturally wholesome: shell and heart, is a number one source for insoluble fiber, with the added benefit of source of vegetable protein and minerals. Available in 300g or 500g bags for retail purchase as well as 850kg totes for wholesale purchase.

  • 100% ORGANIC & NON GMO
  • RICH IN OMEGA 6 & 3

Before and after opening, keep under constant temperature, away from heat sources, to save precious Omegas.

For prices and specs request please contact info@superbhemp.com


Whole hemp seeds are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber, amongst other nutritious content such as protein and minerals. Hemp fiber profile is complemented by a unique rich nutty flavor and surprising texture. The shell of the whole hemp seed creates a pop and crunch when you eat it, much like the skin of a popped corn kernel.  The whole hemp seeds we offer are certified and 100% organic. Like all of our hemp seed products, our whole hemp seeds are Non-GMO and grown in Lithuania and is of the very best possible quality and freshness.

Use for: food preparation, eat raw, or roast with salt or spice. It also can be mixed with honey and cinnamon after a fine brush or added to bread or salty pastry as a crunchy ingredient. Whole hemp seeds can be sprouted and used as spices as well.


Manufacture process and quality assurance:

Hemp seeds are harvested in family farm in Lithuania. Hemp seeds quality is controlled from sowing to harvesting ensuring that no pesticides or herbicides are used during growth and seeds are well prepared for quality food. Before delivering products to market, samples of product are examined in EU certified laboratory to ensure the quality. All this and more is done to ensure that whole hemp seeds reached you fresh, best quality and longer lasting validity time.

Hemp grown and produced in Europe Union, Lithuania.

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